Una lista parcial de artículos y entrevistas con Alicia…

A partial list of articles by and interviews with Alicia…

(2021) La Solidaridad No Se Puede Bloquear

(2021) Solidarity with Cuba Can’t Be Blockaded

(2021) Recuerdo del Golpe Militar de 1976 en Argentina

(2021) Remembrance of the 1976 Military Coup in Argentina

(2020) En el Tejido de la Revolución Cubana

(2020) In the Fabric of the Cuban Revolution

(2020) Lucius Walker: 10 Years Later His Legacy Continues

(2020) Bolivia Inspiration to Latin America

(2019) The Freedom of the Cuban Five Will Never be Reversed

(2019) International Conference for Peace and “World Balance”

(2019) Support for Venezuela Takes Center Stage at UNESCO-Sponsored Cuba Conference

(2018) Feria Internacional del Libro de Venezuela: Ser culto es el único modo de ser libre

(2018) International Book Fair in Venezuela: Being Educated is the Only Way to Be Free

(2017) Entrevista a Oscar López Rivera: Debemos Atrevernos a Luchar Hasta la Última Gota de Fuerza

(2017) Oscar López Rivera: ‘We Must Have the Courage to Fight to Our Last Drop of Force’

(2016) Thanks for Your Example Fidel

(2015) Necesario que EE.UU. respete soberanía de Cuba

(2015) Days of Action against the Blockade in Washington

(2015) Women’s Voices of Cuba

(2014) The Organizers Who Never Gave Up on the Cuban Five

(2014) US Activist Says Cuban Five Exemplify Cuba

(2013) Entrevista a Alicia Jrapko, coordinadora del Comité por la libertad de Los Cinco en EEUU

(1998) Jrapko, Alicia Beatriz, «Pastors for Peace and The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center: A Case Study of Cooperation Between Two Nonprofit Organizations from Two Countries Without Diplomatic Relations, and With an Economic Embargo Enforced by One Country Against the Other». Master’s Theses. 1140.

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